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Since the establishment, Vasathi has made it a top priority to integrate top class sustainable living solutions for each and every home we build. We believe that facilitating sustainable living is one of the vital corporate responsibilities that helps in efficient and effective utilization of the natural and non-renewable resources and thereby safe-guarding them for the future generations as well. After all, Sustainability in simple and real terms is “To make sure that our next generations will be able to utilize and enjoy the same resources which we are using now.”

As a part of facilitating sustainable living, Vasathi deploys strategies that will improve performance across all the key metrics related to natural resources and these include

  • Sustainable Design and Building Architecture
  • Efficient Energy Consumption
  • Effective Water Utilization and Conservation
  • Indoor Environment Quality
  • Reduction of Green House Gases Emission and Carbon Footprint

To ensure that we meet the best of standards in incorporating sustainable living solutions, Vasathi adopts LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines. With these solutions, we will be able to save approximately 20 – 30 % of energy and 30 – 50 % of water consumption which are very significant amounts when we consider the amount of usual consumption.


Real Estate and Housing Sector is one of the fast growing sectors in India that contribute a lot to the Indian Economy and it is high time to introduce green and sustainable living measures in the new projects as well as across the old ones wherever possible. Vasathi acknowledges that this is a high time, if not past it, to start taking the responsibility and contribute in saving our fast depleting resources and facilitating sustainable living is the best way to ensure that.

Vasathi’s team of experienced and expert architects have made sure that the designs are efficient and inherently sustainable right from the start. We also believe that there has been a good increase in the awareness of sustainable living among the consumers who are now more conscious about it than ever and that is a very good sign. It is of course the responsibility of them to make sure they are the owners of the product that does no harm to the environment in any way.

All the projects of Vasathi feature what we call as “affordable luxury housing” with exceptional sustainable solutions. We welcome you to be a part of Vasathi and lead the life you always dreamt of simultaneously contributing to the good of future generations.

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