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Along with building new communities that feature sustainable and affordable luxury housing, Vasathi also takes pride in contributing to the welfare of the community we live in. As a responsible individual corporate of India, we insert a significant focus on philanthropy, social welfare, environment sustainability and community development activities.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fundamentally focuses on various aspects related to labour welfare and covers issues such as education, hygiene, health, and safety. We believe in the right of “Education for All” and taking the responsibility to contribute in extending the significance and awareness of that right, we have partnered with an NGO, Ankura, to introduce an innovative program ‘Bricks-to-Books’ that provides basic literacy classes to the children at our construction sites while their parents at work. This facility also includes day care for toddlers and nourishing meals for all the kids.


We believe that we also have the responsibility to extend the awareness on hygienic living. And to that end, we initiate and conduct programs and camps for the labour community on this particular aspect and teach them on some tips measures to prevent the spread of diseases due to unhygienic living.

Health awareness camps and free health check-ups for the less fortunate community are also a part of our CSR activities. We regularly organize camps and offer free check-ups as well as offer free vaccines to prevent some dangerous and lethal diseases.


When we talk about social responsibility, we believe that safe-guarding the environment is an inherent part of that. Hence our housing architecture and designs are integrated with sustainable living solutions and we incorporate green practices throughout the project life-cycle. We never compromise in the amount that to be invested in “Going Green” because the benefits for our generations and our future generations can enjoy with the energy and resources conserved by this initiation would more than justify the investment.

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